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Road Safety Audit of Stafford Road | Fall 2017


The Road Safety Audit (RSA) will work along all 6.5 miles of Stafford Road from Rosemont Roundabout to Homestead Road. It is scheduled to begin sometime in the fall. In order to stay connected on the Road Safety Audit (RSA) please follow the The Stafford Hamlet Facebook page and/or sign up for our Community Newsletter. After the completion of the RSA, the team is willing to give a presentation on the results.

An RSA is a prescribed, formal safety examination process, developed and used nationally by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), states and local jurisdictions, to gather data. As FHWA states, a RSA uses an independent, qualified audit team to “qualitatively estimate and report on potential road safety issues and identify opportunities for improvements in safety for all road users.” An RSA can provide valuable information to help the County improve roadway safety and adds to their toolbox of safety information and options.

NOTE: A few areas on their radar are Childs Rd-Stafford Rd intersection, as well as Johnson Rd-Stafford Rd intersection

* Links to the presentation on the RSA included as PDFs for download below. 

Traffic Safety Quick-Links

Let your Voice be heard

There are an average of 26 fatalities per year in Clackamas County. Last year there were over 40. That's an average of one death every 13 days. There's one serious injury event every 3 days. Clackamas County has a Drive to Zero program whose goal is to reduce injuries and fatalities by half by the year 2022. Find out more from the links below.


Traffic issues at Clackamas County or complaint-driven generally, meaning that Resident complaints bring issues to the attention of the Traffic Engineers. Traffic-complaint form available here.

The RSA is carried out by a team of professional traffic engineers. They will welcome any specific roadway concerns you have. Please send them to us and we will collate and pass them on to the team. Use this form.


Still Interested in Learning More? Download these Files:

Presentations by: Christian Snuffin of Clackamas County and Wade Scarbrough of Kittelson & Associates.